Iron Club on Walking Street

>The Iron club on Walking Street is one of Pattaya’s most exciting go-go bars. It’s been opened for a little over a year, and has set a consistently high standard of girls who know how to entertain.

Iron Club has cold steel interior, that is uninviting, but the girls provide are provide a fun, interactive environment that will keep you engaged.

Iron Club Welcome Girls

Iron Club Welcome Girls


The competition is tough on Walking Street but Iron Club sets a high standard, that few can match.

Iron Club is surprisingly large. It has high ceilings, and its narrow, but it is long and  seems to widen out at the back. As you walk in, you’re struck by the options you have, a regular go-go stage, a jacuzzi in the centre, and the back stage where the hot girls present their continuous show. There’s another smaller jacuzzi at the back of the club, behind the elevated stage.

Iron Club Hello Girls

Iron Club Hello Girls are cute

As you first walk in, you’ll see the main dancing stage. It  stretches back into the club  and has nine steel poles and 6 – 8 girls dancing.  You can sit at the edge of the  stage, or sit at the  bench seating, a little further away from the stage, and run along the walls on both sides.

Bar fine for a go go dancer on this stage is  700 baht.

At around 9 pm they fire up the other two entertainment stages and this Pattaya go go bar starts to heat up beyond belief. Just past the main dancing stage comes the Jacuzzi show. Man, I like those Pattaya Jacuzzi shows, especially when the girls are as beautiful as the ones that suds it up at Iron Club. This is where they have the “wild girls”.

The go go girls that do the Jacuzzi show are, of course, totally naked. There are stools right next to the tub and if you want, you can help the naked girls sponge off. Not that they really need any help, but it’s always a pleasure to sponge off a couple of nude girls as you enjoy your Saturday night in Pattaya.

I forgot to mention that the tub has rings hanging down from the ceiling directly over it. That’s right, they’re like those rings that the athletes use in the Olympics. Some of the girls at Iron Club are in great shape and they can perform all kinds of acrobatic gymnastics on those rings while totally naked. You owe it to yourself to check this out.

If you’ve managed to make it this far back into the club without finding a seat, don’t worry because you haven’t even come to the best part of the Iron Club yet. Clear on back into the room is a huge two-tiered stage with a stairway leading up to the top perch where the real stunner dances. That’s why the ceiling is so high.

Back here the  girls run through their choreographed routine in co-ordinated outfits. As the show progresses, they remove their top, then the micro skirt, wearing just a red belt and a G-string. Some of the girls go totally naked.

The bar fine for one of these hot  show girls is 1,000 baht. The girls alternate dancing, starting at the upper  stage and moving down the dual  curved stairways, down to the lower stage. These girls know how to move in a seductive way that is appealing and mesmerising.

Draught  Heineken is available for 85 baht per glass. Cocktails are 125 baht. Take a full wallet with you when you go to the Iron Club because these ladies are irresistible. You will definitely want to  buy a few lady drinks and tipping the girls as well. After all, that’s what they appreciate!

Iron Club owners and management have done a great job in creating one of Pattaya’s top go-go bars and one of the town’s great experiences. They have raised the standard for go go bars in Pattaya. Make sure you stop in when you on Walking Street!


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